Office Breath Testing Instructions and Video

As of August, 2020, we are resuming scheduled lactulose breath testing, and breath testing with other sugars to detect maldigestion, in the offices in Fullerton and Mission Viejo.  The testing in Fullerton will be on certain Tuesday and Friday mornings, and in Mission Viejo on certain Saturdays.  We will be using a process that will involve patients collecting the breath samples while in exam rooms, without staff present, to make this as safe as possible for both patients and our staff.

The preparation guidelines are here: Preparation guidelines for office hydrogen-methane breath tests-August-2020-1.

To contact Dr. Carr and his medical assistant Veronica, please call and leave a message at 714-446-5831 extension 1322.

Here is a video that will introduce you to the very simple process of collecting the breath samples for us to analyze.  Dr. Carr will help you to do this correctly during your visit.