Hydrogen-Methane Breath Testing with Dr. Carr-Update as of August 11, 2020

Update regarding Lactulose Breath Testing for SIBO
September, 2020

To all physicians and other providers who refer patients for lactulose breath testing by Dr. Carr and their patients,

We have resumed lactulose breath testing for SIBO in the offices in Fullerton and Mission Viejo, preceded by a telemedicine visit or scheduled directly with a phone call as appropriate.  For some patients, we will continue to offer a combination of telemedicine visit followed by mailing a home breath testing kit to the patient.   Once the testing is completed, the requesting provider will receive the faxed report.

Testing for lactose and sucrose maldigestion are also available.

Dr. Carr will be away the first 2 weeks of October, but scheduling of tests will continue.

Fax number to send orders for breath testing is 714-446-7910.  Phone number for messages to Dr Carr’s office is 714-446-5831 ext 1322.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope you and your families all remain well during this challenging time.