Home Breath Testing Instructions and Video-Currently on Pause

Note: Due to the COVID-19 Surge, we are not offering this testing listed below at this time.  See the page titled Info, Preparation and Instructions for Trio-Smart Breath Test.

Home Lactulose Breath Test for SIBO using Quintron EasySampler Breath Collection Kit (or testing for lactose or sucrose maldigestion).

Most of you will first have a Telehealth visit over your smartphone or home computer with video camera with Dr. Carr.  This will be scheduled with you. During this visit you will communicate with Dr. Carr about why your physician has requested this test for you, and arrangements will be made to get the home breath test kit to you by mail, or to pick it up at the Fullerton office.

Click here to read the Preparation-guidelines-for-home-hydrogen-methane-breath-tests-September-2020-3 (1) which will explain how to prepare for your breath test, and you may print these from a computer if you like. Be sure that you have followed these guidelines carefully before the morning that you plan to do the home breath test.

Once you receive it, open the Quintron EasySampler Breath Collection Kit.  Keep the box–you will need it to mail back the completed set of breath sample tubes or bring it to one of the offices.  The kit contains:
1. A folded instruction sheet that says Quintron Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Breath Test at the top.
2. A patient questionnaire to fill out and return with the completed test kit.  If you need another copy, or if the questionnaire was missing from the kit, click here:Blank Breath Test Patient Questionnaire 2020-1
3. A double-sided copy of the Preparation Guidelines.
4. A label with Dr. Carr’s Fullerton address to put over the label with the patient’s name on the cover of the box before you mail it or deliver it.
NOTE: You will need to pay the return postage, approximately $5, at a US Post Office. Or, you may deliver the completed kit, with the Fullerton office address label covering the one with your name and address, to either the Fullerton or Mission Viejo office, Monday-Friday 8-4:30 PM.
5. EasySampler device with tube holder
6. 10 Vacuum-sealed collection tubes
7. Labels for the collection tubes
8. Two bubble wrap bags to put the tubes in before you return the kit to us
9. 10 gram dose of Lactulose (or your other test sugar).
10. A zip-lock bag to put the EasySampler device into to ship it back to us for disposal.

Be careful not to insert your finger into the tube holder of the EasySampler—it contains a sharp needle covered with rubber.

Read the instruction sheet. Put your name and tube numbers 1 through 9 on nine of the labels, and put them along the side of the tubes before you begin. We suggest that if possible, you also write the tube number on the outside of the tube with a Sharpie marker. Look at the video so that you understand the correct way to collect the breath samples.

Once you are ready to begin, make sure that you first collect a breath sample in tube #1 BEFORE YOU DRINK the 8 ounces of water in which you will mix the contents of the small lactulose container in the kit. THEN, prepare a 15 minute timer (there is a timer on your smartphone). Open the liquid lactulose container and add all the lactulose liquid to your 8 ounce cup of water, and stir it. Then drink the lactulose and water, and start the 15 minute timer. When the timer goes off, reset it, and collect a breath sample in tube #2. Continue collecting another sample every 15 minutes into tubes #3 through #9. There will be one tube left, please send that back in the kit also. Put the used EasySampler mouthpiece-bag device in the zip-lock bag included in the box and send it back to us for disposal.

If you are testing with lactose or sucrose, you will have a different time schedule for breath sample collection over 3 hours provided on a sheet of paper in the box.

When you have finished collecting the last 2 hour sample in tube #9, put all the tubes in the bubble wrap bags in the box, take the Mailing Label and stick it on the outside of the box covering the label that was used to send the kit to you. Use some clear package tape to seal the box after you close it. Then mail the kit back to us as soon as you can after you complete the test, or deliver it to either the Fullerton or Mission Viejo office.  The tubes must be analyzed within 14 days of your collecting the breath samples.

The results of the breath test will be sent to your requesting physician as soon as possible.